Art Classes

Art Classes from Susan Krieg

3 Responses to Art Classes

  1. Carole Segal says:

    Anyone who wants to learn collage/mixed media should join up to
    susan’s classes. She is a wonderful instructor, and especially good at demonstrating.
    All the best with your art classes.

  2. kriegart says:

    My friend, Judy Rice just emailed me this comment.
    I just sent my friend in Staunton your website – she said if the class was 3 or 4 hrs she would take it. If people from out of Gordonsville sign up they will feel they have to leave too soon painting only 2 hrs. Just something to think about.
    Thank you, Judy. That’s a good point. If that is an issue for students, I think I’ll keep the structured part of the class to two hours, but those who want to continue working, with me there to cheer them on, can certainly stay at least another hour. The other thing I want to do when the weather is nicer, is to have some day long (or maybe half day) workshops on specific techniques or materials. I’m hoping to hear from people about their interests and need.

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