The Purpose of Art

I’ve been re-reading books by Alan Watts, a philosopher from the 60s who helped to merge East and West philosophies and religions. One point he makes in a book called ‘Does It Matter’ is that Artists (with a capital A), museums and galleries did not exist prior to say 500 years ago. There were only artisans and crafts people. I don’t remember if he mentioned Shamans, but he should have. With that said, I think it’s important that artists and art buyers today, ask themselves why they make and buy art. While perusing the internet via Google Images, looking at all the art and artists that are out there, I have to pause and ask, why? These days a young person says, “I want to be an artist” and they believe there’s no reason why they shouldn’t, and assume they’ll make a living at it. I wonder how many artists make a living at art. I’m guessing 5% of those who go to art school. So what’s the purpose. I know for myself I’m driven to create and I get pretty cranky if I’m deprived of it. I remember being 5 years old or so, sitting on the floor, cutting out pieces of paper and arranging them instinctively. Fifty some years later, I’m still sitting on the floor cutting out paper. Not much has changed……… be continued.


About kriegart

I am Susan Krieg, Mixed Media Artist, since 1989 when I first started working as a water colorist for Accent Graphics. I've lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, the Midwest and the Southwest, and currently in rural Virginia. I studied art at Cal College of the Arts in SF and The Art Students League in NYC. I am influenced by Modigiliani, Picasso, Lempicka, Dunand and a million other things.
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One Response to The Purpose of Art

  1. Carole Segal says:

    I make art because I have a calling. There is a great difference in making art for selling, and making art because you have the hunger to do so. All the best with your blog. Watch for my next blog, I am working on it. Carole

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