Latest at Landmark Gallery

I sent 4 new paintings to Landmark Gallery in New York City last monthBenedictum by Susan Krieg. I had a model come to my studio in November 2010. I always enjoy photographing the model. People have so many facets to their personalities. I consider it a privilege to get to see some of their different sides.

The young lady that modeled for me knew that I was intending to use her for basic positions, from which I would create my traditional  more stylized figurative work.

In my stylized work the model represents all women. She is the essence of woman.

Blessings by Susan KriegI didn’t realize until after she left, I had taken more than 400 photos.

She was a wonderful model. She easily flowed from one position to another.

These four painting were sent to Landmark Gallery in New York City. It’s located at 119 West 57th Street (if you happen to be going to NY). I think that’s about 8th Avenue, maybe a block from the South Side of Central Park.

They all have spiritual titles: Benedictum,  Blessings, Prayer and Sanctus. For me, they Prayer by Susan Kriegrepresent that meditative space of prayer, counting one’s blessings, having gratitude and just being present, in Grace.

I’m working on a new painting from this model in my portraiture style. I’ll post it as soon as I’m done.

Sanctus by Susan Krieg





All four paintings are 24″ x 30″ mixed media on canvas.


About kriegart

I am Susan Krieg, Mixed Media Artist, since 1989 when I first started working as a water colorist for Accent Graphics. I've lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, the Midwest and the Southwest, and currently in rural Virginia. I studied art at Cal College of the Arts in SF and The Art Students League in NYC. I am influenced by Modigiliani, Picasso, Lempicka, Dunand and a million other things.
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4 Responses to Latest at Landmark Gallery

  1. Carole Segal says:

    Hi Susan, As usual, they are beautiful…all 4 of them. I love the titles you gave them. A most inspiring group of artwork. Keep on producing these beauties. Carole

  2. Shari says:

    I love your older style of painting women & what these four represent. However, I have fallen in love with your new style of portraiture too. Keep up the old & the new!


  3. Ed says:

    Very interesting and a innovating approach to keeping your art fresh and appealing.

  4. Tracey Robertson says:

    Your paintings are so beautiful!

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