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Orange Mural Week 5

  This week Alexander Graham Bell was added to the wall above the computer stations, but instead of his early telephone invention in hand, he is attempting to communicate with a tin can and string. It amazes me how far … Continue reading

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Orange Mural Week 4

The pop-art telephone painting is almost done. The image measures 4′ x 8′. I think we’ll be able to get some better lighting up near the ceiling for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Which, if you’re in the neighborhood of Orange, … Continue reading

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Orange Mural Week 3

It was a short 2 1/2 day week. With fewer hands, we pounced up some new designs. The wall behind the librarian’s desk is almost done. Befittingly, there will be a 42″ television installed in the middle of this artwork.  … Continue reading

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