I took a little break from my regular painting last month. My son had mentioned at one of the grand daughter’s birthday parties that I never gave him a pinata‘ when he was a kid. That’s like starting a sentence with ‘betcha can’t…’  So I made him one for his birthday this year.It’s a pinata’ replica of the jeep that he enjoys taking rock climbing. That’s him in the driver’s seat. I’d say it’s about 14″ high by 9″ wide and 18″ long.The pinata’ is double reinforced top and bottom so that when it gets whacked it doesn’t just break off at the rope that is holding it. There’s one layer of card stock to form the basic shape and three layers of newspaper soaked in flour water and glue. The details were painted or glued on and a final over all coat of tissues paper fringe was applied.It’s pretty heavy, but not from being filled with candy. It’s filled with 30 airplane size bottles of assorted booze (only bottles made of plastic). Bottles were separately wrapped in various colored tissue to keep them from rattling around inside.

After opening his present, Adam took his pinata’ jeep outside for a photo shoot on the rocks:I believe I could make a pinata’ of anything, given adequate photos of all sides.The cost would start at $1,000.00, but would include the good stuff inside! Enjoy your pinata’, son.