Abstract painting titled Potentials by Susan Krieg
Potentials is an abstract painting by Susan Krieg 30″x 30″ mixed media on canvas created July 2018

Today I’m posting three abstracts that I completed in July 2018. In this first one, title ‘Potentials’, I was thinking about the multiplicity of self.

My whole thinking process changed when I was introduced to quantum physics in the eighties with the book titled ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’ by Gary Zukav 1979.  I’m fascinated by the  ability of the viewer to influence the outcome of experiences simply by being the viewer. There are an infinite number of potentials that each of us has in every moment of our life. Focusing creates the reality that we experience.

Also during the 80s I was enthralled with G.I. Gurdjieff, a philosopher of Greco-Armenian descent. As part of ‘The Work’ in the ‘Forth Way’, one must become aware of one’s many ‘Is’ (that’s I plural.) I want – I am – I etc – ai yai yai!

This painting titled ‘Potentials’ is about the many aspects of self as we grow through life. Looking off to who we want to be, as well as ghosts of past selves that haunt us and fill our space – at any time a different possible potential can exist.