Along the Potomac in 30 Strokes

Some of my followers have been with me for a very long time. I thank you and appreciate you. I know you’ve watched me transition from design, to murals, to portraits and into abstraction. I do love to explore the world of art. I have this crazy feeling that someday it will all coalesce into that perfect vibration of color that I’ve been chasing all my life. So, yes, my new exploration is landscapes.

Two Trees in the Paddock 9″ x 12″

And I’m sharing this post here because I launched a new website that shows only my landscapes and talks about my adventure of exploring nature and painting plein air (outdoors).

Black Walnut Tree with Swing 7″x5″

I’m not new to the art world, but I am new to landscape painting, especially painting outdoors and I’m open to watching how it develops organically. I would like for you to come on the journey with me.

It’s winter outside in Alexandria. I’m creating new landscapes in my studio, and anxiously waiting to bust out and do some painting outdoors. I’ve been in Virginia since 2010. The Potomac River is outside my window and it has encouraged me to take on the landscape. We have decided to move again in May 2020 and to head back west. I’m excited with the prospect of mountains and lakes.

Flowers are Blooming 8.5″ x 6.5″

Be assured I haven’t abandoned my history. I will continue to create and post my figurative abstracts as they happen.