Story Behind ‘Garden Camouflage’

It occurs to me after so many years, my teacher, Jorgan Hansen at California College of the Arts, used to say to me, “It takes two people to paint a painting, one to do the painting and one to hit him over the head when it’s done.” This is still true. I’ve let this painting sit for several weeks, waiting for it to hit me over the head and let me know that it’s done or to tell me what to do next. I’m not completely sure, but I think I’m going to have to call it done.

painting titled garden camoflauge

The story behind ‘Garden Camouflage’ started while we still lived in Virginia Beach last year 2013. One of my favorite Bikram yoga instructors walked into class one morning, sporting a new addition to her tattoos; a beautiful vine with pink flowers on her upper arm. It nicely matched the vine on one of her calves. Because it seemed so beautiful and feminine, I thought she might hide discreetly in a garden setting. I also knew I wanted to paint the painting. After a photo shoot at the yoga studio and after the packing, move and unpacking in Charlottesville, I finally set the background with my model centrally situated in Ardha-Matsyendrasana (Spine Twisting Pose), in a pond of lotus flowers, a Bodhi tree growing behind her, a couple of cranes in their own elegant poses and a shimmering sun behind her.

The Painting is approximately 26”x35” gallery wrapped with the image extending around the edges. It is a mixed media painting which includes exotic papers, acrylic and gold leaf.

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Christmas 2013

Christmas card of puppy

A little naughty.

This is Windsor and it is his first Christmas. My dear friend and Patron in North Hollywood asked me to create a Christmas card using the image of her new puppy, Windsor. I combined a couple of photos of Windsor in Photoshop and used several filters to acquire a more hand drawn effect. I used the Transform tool to warp and wrap the lights around him. I signed his signature using the same color as the wiring and added the electrical plug on the end. I left the large blank area for my friend to add a personalized signature. He’s adorable and like all puppies, just a little naughty!

The Magical Christmas Truck in NoHo

Several Christmas’ ago when I was living in North Hollywood, I was fortunate to watch the Christmas Truck that drives around the Toluca Lake – North Hollywood neighborhoods. It’s definitely a magical and bazaar local phenomenon. If you have a moment, check out their link – Christmas Truck. So my patron/friend asked me to create a flyer to give to her neighbors, as the truck stops right in front of her house. She was very specific with her requirements for this flyer including a woman with a pigeon on her head and a man with a Chihuahua.
Flyer about the Magical Christmas Truck

names and address have been removed and permission given to post the above art

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Forever Love II is available for sale

Occasionally I am contacted by a collector who owns one of my paintings and is interested in reselling it. In this instance ‘Forever Love II’ is available.
Forever Love II is a mixed media painting (acrylic paint, imported papers, gold leaf and Caran Dache) on Somerset textured print paper. The image measures 44″ x 30″ and is professionally framed under plexi-glass.
Forever Love II
I painted ‘Forever Love II’ in 1995 while living in Greenwich Village, NY. My style was much more stylized. I wanted to represent an archetype or a universal feeling. At the time I was quite dreamy-eyed with the big city and in awe with the world. The paintings I created then, were sold through ‘Artrageous Gallery’ on 72nd street on the Upper West Side and through ‘Phoenix Art Group’ in Phoenix. This piece, however, was privately purchased and found its way to Victoria, British Columbia. She is currently located in Benicia, CA (SF Bay area).

Forever Love II framed

If you are interested or have questions, you may leave a reply by posting a comment. I will put you in contact with the seller. Comments regarding the sale will not be made public.

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6 Contemporary Fruit Paintings for the Local Harvest show at Orange Art Center

In addition to wineries, here in central Virginia, there a quite a few orchards including peaches and apples as well as yummy berry farms. This year at the Arts Center in Orange Virginia I decided to create paintings that are a little more contemporary, including some of my favorite fruits from California. I love tradition, but I’m more captivated by a striking splash of rich color on a kitchen wall. The six paintings below include texturing compound and acrylics with pinches of gold leaf, iridescence and collage. Each is 9″ x 9″ on canvas and gallery wrapped (meaning that the image wraps around the edges) so it’s not necessary to frame them. Opening reception is Thursday, August 1, 5-7pm, with show dates of August 1 – September 28, 2013, at  The Arts Center In Orange – 129 East Main Street, Orange, VA. Hope to see you at the reception.

Painting of Avocado        Contemporary Pears

Contemporary Peaches       Contemporry Plums

Contemporary Apples     Contemporary Kiwi

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Well here’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along every day!

Back in 2000, I was living in Los Angeles and painting murals. I was fortunate to be sponsored by the Wilshire Grand Hotel to paint an angel for the Los Angeles Community of Angels Project. This angel was a mixture of paint and collage titled ‘Archetypes of the Feminine’.

When the Staples Center saw her they contacted me to see if I would paint one for them using an authentic jersey and other uniform items of the LA Kings Hockey Team. This angel was titled ‘He’s No Angel, He’s a King’. Later in May of 2001 the 6’ tall fiberglass angels were auctioned off to benefit Volunteers of America and Catholic Big Brothers. You can see both of my angels and the many others that were created by going to

This week I was contacted by the original owners of ‘He’s No Angel, He’s a King’. They state,
“For the last 11 years, we have enjoyed having the sculpture in our backyard, and received numerous compliments about the Angel. Unfortunately, however, we are moving residences, and will not be able to take the Angel with us. If any of your collectors are interested in the sculpture, please let us know.”

I remember visiting the angel at their home in Malibu thinking what an awesome swimming pool mascot he made.
These are recent photos of “He’s No Angel…” If you are interested in acquiring this one-of-a-kind piece of Los Angeles public art, let me know by commenting on this post and I will put you in contact with the owner.

That was a great project!

back side of He's No Angel, He's a King

back side of He’s No Angel, He’s a King

front side of He's No Angel, He's a King

front side of He’s No Angel, He’s a King

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Times change, priorities fluctuate and technology opens up new doorways.

A quick update as I have not written in months. I decided to go back to school to get a CIW (Certified Interenet Webmaster) certificate. It’s always bugged me, having to rely on others to handle my website. I’m learning html coding at the moment.

Over the past economic upheaval and the impact of the people in power, and in tandem with personal life changes, I have decided to create a new web presence and a new purpose or at least new goals for being online. Please pardon the interruption.
I have, for the time being, removed my web store at kriegartstudio. Please feel to contact me at if you have any question.

Yours truly,
Susan Krieg

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Privie Garden Sheds

I always feel privilaged when people call me with the coolest projects to do. Here’s another one I painted in June 2012. Laura, the Exec. Director of the Orange Art Center, asked if I would be interested in painting one of four privies similar to the Thunder Box Road project in Texas. Info and pics at this link:

See the Daily Progress article below which explains how the students at Orange High School built the 4 privies from recycled bleachers and how they will be auctioned off as garden sheds on August 11 at the edible food fest in Orange, Virginia.

The Art Center will also have a booth at the food fest on August 11, 2012 where my lazy susans and fruit paintings will be available for sale.

When I saw what other artists had accomplished, I definitely wanted in. I sifted through hundreds of photos I had taken of Virginia when I first moved here two years ago. Wanting to capture more the mood and the feel, rather than a photo realistic painting, I decided on one of Virginia’s vineyards as my theme.

Privie Front:

Privie Left:

Privie Back:Privie Right:

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