The series of paintings I am working on, began in October of 2010. I had photographed my grand niece during a visit to Iowa. I had intended to use the images like I have in my Archetypes Series, stylizing and abstracting, making it less of a portrait and more of an essence. But, immediately I was drawn into her face. As I worked on three canvases of her, she took on features that I was familiar with. Sometimes I saw my mother in her face, sometimes my sister, other member of my family, and quite often I saw myself. It was fascinating to view the feminine aspect of my family from young to old, all mirrored by the beautiful pre-teen.

Also new to this series is the more literal imagery in the background. Usually my background are pure abstract environments for my figures to live in. These background are taken from my new Virginia surroundings. We moved to Virginia in May, 2010, and I am overwhelmed with the beauty of the countryside. We live in the middle of wine country and horse country. Two of my favorite things!


The flowers outside of my studio bloomed themselves to death and the bees were ecstatic. The fields are amazing. The farmers roll the bales into these wonderful shapes that outline the horizon. There’s definitely a strange reminiscence to the beaches I love and moved so far away from.