When Tom called with this project, I immediately loved the concept. He will be hanging art by several artists together in what he calls ‘Slices’. Each painting must be 48″ high and 8″ to 12″ wide. BUY BY THE SLICE!

My first four slices are:

Black Bamboo and Red Bird

Russian Birch and Butterfly

Ginko Trees and White Puppy

Birch and Tiger Cat

In this writing I will take you through my process:

The Idea and the Design:

What’s tall and skinny? Trees, and I happen to love trees, especially bamboo and birch. I decided to place some of my female images in a setting of trees. I researched tree images on the internet and created the basic design for my paintings in Photoshop.

Canvas Preparation:

The past couple of years I started coloring my canvases. I love deep rich color, so to me it makes sense to start with color. Now instead of having any white showing through, there will be a little color. I prepped 8 canvases, each measuring 48″ high by 10″ wide and drew the basic images for four of them in charcoal. I’ll start the next four paintings soon.

Paint and Paper:

Having decided on the basic color scheme of black and white for the first two paintings (white dress and black bamboo) (black dress and white birch) I applied my first layer of papers. I’ve been incorporating exotic papers into my paintings for the past 20 years. I love the texture that can be achieved using paper, and I love the unexpected surprises this unusual medium provides during the painting process.The addition of paper creates hard edges, so I like to mess it up by painting with iridescent colors. This helps to give it a layered effect.

I block in the figures with some quick strokes,

and began painting details into the various elements (in this case the trees). Then I begin to define the figure, add more papers and, lastly, I embellish with gold leaf,  caran dache, or other materials.

After living with the almost finished paintings for several days, I went back in and added the red bird and the flower and butterfly as the final compliment. Of course, today I see a couple things to go back into and change. I will, none-the-less, be sending the four paintings to New York in a few days and then start on four more.