Christmas card of puppy

A little naughty.

This is Windsor and it is his first Christmas. My dear friend and Patron in North Hollywood asked me to create a Christmas card using the image of her new puppy, Windsor. I combined a couple of photos of Windsor in Photoshop and used several filters to acquire a more hand drawn effect. I used the Transform tool to warp and wrap the lights around him. I signed his signature using the same color as the wiring and added the electrical plug on the end. I left the large blank area for my friend to add a personalized signature. He’s adorable and like all puppies, just a little naughty!

The Magical Christmas Truck in NoHo

Several Christmas’ ago when I was living in North Hollywood, I was fortunate to watch the Christmas Truck that drives around the Toluca Lake – North Hollywood neighborhoods. It’s definitely a magical and bazaar local phenomenon. If you have a moment, check out their link – Christmas Truck. So my patron/friend asked me to create a flyer to give to her neighbors, as the truck stops right in front of her house. She was very specific with her requirements for this flyer including a woman with a pigeon on her head and a man with a Chihuahua.
Flyer about the Magical Christmas Truck

names and address have been removed and permission given to post the above art