Photoshop is becoming one of my favorite design mediums. As a fine artist, I was very resistant to using Photoshop. In the good old days everything had to be drawn a bunch of times. Slowly I’m coming around to using Photoshop whenever it helps to reduce design time, and as long as I’m not infringing on someone else’s work.

Windsor Christmas

A long time friend and patron of the arts asked me to create her Christmas Cards again this year. She’s fun to work with, as she usually has the initial concept in mind and then I get to run with it. The card features her relatively young dog and her relatively older parrot meeting each other nose to nose. I speculate that they may meet nose to nose on many occasions.

dog and parrot nose to nose
Windsor Christmas 2014
50 cards
50 cards!

The borders are all hand leafed.

Mesmer the dog Christmas Card
Christmas 2014

I wanted to honor my sweet little Mesmer this Christmas as she passed away last month at the age of 14. I picture her in a beautiful space waiting for the day when we see each other again. From ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, our card states that the bell on our Christmas Tree rang this year and our angel got her wings.