This has been a GREAT project.  In June of 2017 the owner of ‘Natural Pet Essentials’ in Charlottesville, Virginia asked if I would be interest in helping her with an event at her store.

Flyer about the upcoming project

Some of the paintings

dog paw print on canvas
Camille’s Painting

Dog paw prints on canvas

Carlee and Chloe’s Paintings

Dog paw painting on canvas
Susan holding Tank and Hannah’s paintings. That is sweet Hannah.




We didn’t know how many dogs to expect, but I was non-stop busy from before 10am until about 1pm. We got some great dog print artwork. I had the backgrounds prepared before arriving and dog owners picked out their board and chose the colors they wanted as well as the preferred bug embellishment.




Dog paw painting on canvas
Desiree’s Paw Print Painting


I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try the concept out ahead of time on my Yorkshire Terrier, Desiree. Little did I know she would no longer be with me after July.

This is only a little off topic, but it was the Wine and Design class at Pet Essentials  where I painted Desiree and met Kim, the owner of Pet Essentials.

This is my little Desiree – She’s so beautiful!

painting by Susan Krieg of her dog Desiree.
Desiree painted by Susan Krieg at a Wine and Design event in Charlottesville, Virginia


The Paw Print Project was so much fun and so successful that I took it on the road and was able to arrange another workshop in late August on National Dog Day at The Arts Center in Orange


Check out the flyer for the project at their Facebook Page



Several photos of Susan Krieg painting with some well-loved furry friends!








Below are the paintings after Susan embellished the paw prints!