postcard with images of Susan Krieg's art for the opening at Lynne Goldman elements
Postcard for Susan Krieg’s opening at Lynne Goldman Elements

We had a great opening on October 2016 at Lynne Goldman’s. Colleen was there and kindly allowed us to display the symbolic portrait that I recently completed for her.

What is really crazy, I had never met Lynne Goldman prior to a month before this opening.  Living in the same town, little did I know the she had been buying my art some 20 years ago through Phoenix Art Group where I was a contract artist with them in Phoenix Arizona. Lynne has a painting that I did way back then and it’s been hanging in her store all these years. She was considering selling it when she looked me up online and found me via Facebook. Thank you Facebook.

Lynne continues to show my paintings in her beautiful space and I hope if you are in Charlottesville you will stop in and take a look. Lynne Goldman Elements is located on the downtown mall at 407 E Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22902

image of Colleen and Susan Krieg
Colleen and Susan Krieg in front of ‘Portrait of Colleen’ by Susan Krieg