‘The Prediction’

Susan Krieg's commissioned portrait of a beautiful woman.
The Prediction by Susan Krieg is 44″ x 30″ acrylic and collage on Somerset printmaking paper. Completed April 2018.

I don’t believe people have their portraits painted in order to see how they look in the mirror that day! I believe that people want the artist to be able to depict more of the qualities of the subject’s character in a visual snapshot of their soul.

For the artist, a portrait requires delving into the subjects life, joys, accomplishments and sorrows to some degree. The couple from Northern California who commissioned this painting were able to share stories, numerous photos, their likes, dislikes and a professional photographer’s posed image that I was to use as the basis for the painting. We discussed symbolism and colors to represent the subject and those around her. They were very fearless that I would represent all the multifaceted aspects of this woman.

It’s an honor to have the permission to view into another person’t world and connect with their life on that deeper level. Their involvement made this a true success.