There are four versions of Metamorphosis. Each one is 30″ x 44″ mixed media on Somerset Paper.

Metamorphosis 30"x44"

This is the first one painted during my days at Phoenix Art Group, early 90s. I liked the idea of a face looking out from her abstract world. Every individual creates their unique life. The abstract environment in this painting is how this figure has organized her life and symbolizes what makes her unique.

The first three paintings were sold through Phoenix Art Group.

In the second and third ones, created several months later, I was still intrigued how a person’s choices and thoughts create their environment, but I was thinking how vulnerable the physical form is. Now that I look back on these two faces, they appear rather coy and cunning.

'Metamorphosis of Wman' 30"x44"

Still looking out,but more available.

'Metamorphosis of Woman I' 30"x 44"

Even though we create and are responsible for our lives, I wonder how much real intelligent thought goes into what our lives look like.

It’s more like creating a cocoon. A cocoon is not a process of conscious thought, it is created by the very nature of its being. For better or for bad, we are who we are.

'Metamorphosis of Woman II' 30"x44"

The fourth Metamorphosis of Woman was painted about 10 years later (2005) in Coos Bay, owned by Ms. P. Morrison of Sausalito.

Still looking out at the world, maybe a little more organized and a little more defined.

I try NOT to philosophize too much about the art I’ve created. I’d rather the viewer make up their own story. That’s been one of the true pleasures – listening to other people tell me how they interpret a painting.

Susan Krieg