“Okay. I was distracted for a couple of weeks. My intention is to add to my blog weekly.” This is one of my favorite paintings, done while living in Greenwich Village in March 1997. It sold through Fire and Rain Gallery, Folsom, CA  in May of 1999. I wish I had a better photo of this painting, but back in those days I was trying to make a living (not a career) selling art and didn’t have the money to afford a pro. Essence Unmasked

Remember those days, BD (before digital) when every shot you took in a camera cost $$. I used to shoot a lot of bad photos.

‘Essence Unmasked’ is a self-portrait. In some ways all paintings are self portraits. As they say in art speak, “you only paint yourself.” Interesting, they say that about dreams too, “you are every aspect of your dream”.

To me, this is an accurate self portrait because it reveals more than just the surface. I started by painting the main figure holding the mask with the basic premise that,  I wear different masks and show different aspects of my character, depending on the circumstances. What was unexpected, was the other two faces (or aspects) that emerged.

When I create, I start with a concept. The paint and the texture often produce surprises in response. I develop those surprises, and on and on the conversation goes, until it’s done.

This is a mixed media painting on Somerset paper, measuring 22″x 40″. There’s quite a bit of texture (roofing compound and cardboard), acrylic paint, interference paint and gold leaf.