The Story Behind Moonlit Eve

I have painted two versions of Moonlit Eve. I’ve mentioned that sometimes I paint the same painting more than once, usually three or four times. (Benediction was an extreme exception – see earlier blogs) The reason being, I have too much color and information to put into just one painting – I have to spread it out. I think that’s a typical problem with collage, mixed media and assemblage.

Moonlit Eve I

‘Moonlit Eve I’ is 36″ x 50″ a mixed media collage on canvas, sold through Studio 42 in Los Gatos, CA.

I enjoy using mythic female references in my work. As archetypes, they are universal projections of our emotional bodies. Moonlit Eve is, of course, a double entendre, it is Eve with a freshly plucked apple lounging in paradise, and it is also early evening with a full moon just beginning to enter the night sky. The full moon eluding to its capacity to influence human emotion.

I like it when other people tell their version of the story presented in the image. However, I imagine since Eve is clothed, the apple incident has already occurred and perhaps she’s being reflective while Adam is out trying to work things out with God.

Moonlit Eve II

‘Moonlit Eve II’ is 36″ x 50″ a mixed media collage on canvas and is available though my longtime Art Rep, Roger Sherwood, in Safety Harbor, Florida.

In the second version, there’s more of a harvest moon going on and almost a slow metamorphosis of female form into mother earth.                          SK


About kriegart

I am Susan Krieg, Mixed Media Artist, since 1989 when I first started working as a water colorist for Accent Graphics. I've lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, the Midwest and the Southwest, and currently in rural Virginia. I studied art at Cal College of the Arts in SF and The Art Students League in NYC. I am influenced by Modigiliani, Picasso, Lempicka, Dunand and a million other things.
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2 Responses to The Story Behind Moonlit Eve

  1. Shari says:

    I was wondering why sometimes their were two versions of a painting, now I know! These two have always been favorites of mine, loved hearing more about their story.


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