Orange County High School Mural

A quick update since my last post back in May. We left Gordonsville, VA and moved to Virginia Beach. I joined the Virginia Beach Artists Gallery, became a member of the Chrysler Museum and started showing my work at the Arts Center in Orange. I will get back into writing the stories behind my artwork. There are at least 400 stories to go, but first, I have designed the artwork that I will be painting on the Orange High School‘s Library walls. This is in conjunction with Orange High’s Art Instructor, Lee Nixon and his students. We’ll be starting on October 20th. The Librarian, Faith Olen (who also runs the Gordonsville Airport with her husband, and flies around in her spare time), likes imagery that pops up and surprises you unexpectedly, so there will be imagery on many of the walls in the library. The subject of the murals work is ‘Communication’. Definitely a very large topic, the students during last school year, came up with a hundred aspects, at least, for possible imagery. I sorted through their ideas over the summer and decided I wanted to use art history, as much as possible, to reference the different concepts, since art and it’s various styles has always exemplified human innovations.

On the wall over the computer stations will be ‘Historic Telephones’. My version of pop-art, a little bit Warhol. Designed in photoshop, to be painted using ‘Nova’ brand mural paint.

Here’s what it will look like on the wall:

I will post the rest of the images of this mural project over the course of this month and into November.


About kriegart

I am Susan Krieg, Mixed Media Artist, since 1989 when I first started working as a water colorist for Accent Graphics. I've lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, the Midwest and the Southwest, and currently in rural Virginia. I studied art at Cal College of the Arts in SF and The Art Students League in NYC. I am influenced by Modigiliani, Picasso, Lempicka, Dunand and a million other things.
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3 Responses to Orange County High School Mural

  1. Shari says:

    I’ve seen the plans for the whole mural & it is truly amazing! They will be one lucky school whe you finish your work in their media room!


  2. Carole Segal says:

    Hi Susan…..glad to see you are back to blogging. The Mural is great. Congratulations. Carole

  3. Tracey Robertson says:

    Very cool, as usual!!!

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