We started the mural at Orange High School Library. The first step is to get some guide lines up on the walls. It should be interesting to watch the mural develop, so allow me to give you the initial tour: The bay window wall will show early innovative methods of communication, like smoke signals, drumming, semaphore (flag signals), pony express mail delivery, carrier pigeon and more.

Primitive cultures and earliest developments in communication will be illustrated when you first walk into the library. Cave art, the Sumerians (first written language), Greeks (first libraries), Egyptians (papyrus), Europeans (great story telling), Chinese (first paper making), East India and sooooo much more.

As illustrated in my previous blog, we’ll be painting a pop art version of the history of telephones. We got the background color and the guidelines up.

The communication montage guidelines are up.

When its done it will look something like this:I’ll go into the details of this work as it progresses.

Lastly this week, we got the outlines of the wave wall on. This is more or less a decorative representation of sound waves. I have a feeling this part is going to be harder than it looks.

As you can see there will be many hands in this project. I’ll have to get an exact number from Mr. Nixon, but I’m thinking maybe 70 art students. Check back next weekend for another update.