There were a lot of hands painting this week, just Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but we got a lot started.  There are little paintings everywhere in the Orange County High School Library:

The students choose the imagery they want to work on. The content is based on its relevance to the history and development of various forms of communication. When you first enter the library, the earliest forms and inventions are illustrated. Sadly, not every society is represented.

The pop art telephone piece got a good start this week.

Moving around the room, the next major piece is the communication montage. Several students and Mr. Nixon, Orange High’s Art Instructor, filled in the background foliage. Mr. Nixon’s forte’ is landscape painting. I’ll get better pics of this piece next week.

The huge bay window area of the library contains unique methods of communication. Did you know the carrier pigeon is extinct, therefore we put a halo around his head.

Drumming, smoke signals, semaphore, pony express and airplane banners:Moving along to message in a bottle and sonar.And we’re still feeling our way through the decorative wave wall:

I can’t wait to get back to work. Please visit again next Sunday for another week of mural painting at Orange High School, Virginia.