Apples Party smallApples Party edge small

Every now and then I paint up a batch of fruits or vegetables for the Orange Arts Center in Orange, Virginia.

Blueberries Party small     Blueberries Party edge small

They are 9″ x 9″, painted on stretched canvas. The sides are 1-1/4″ deep. The photos show how I extend the image around the sides. They could be framed, but they don’t need to be.

Cantaloupe Party small     Cantaloupe Party edge small

I titled the group “Fruit Party”.

Cherries Party small     Cherries Party edge small

So, individually, there is ‘Apples Party’, ‘Blueberries Party’, ‘Cantaloupe Party’, ‘Cherries Party’…

Grapes Party small     Grapes Party edge small

‘Grapes Party’, ‘Lemons Party’, ‘Peaches Party’, ‘Pineapple Party’, ‘Pomegranate Party’ and ‘Raspberries Party’.

Lemons Party small     Lemons Party edge small

With the ten of them finished and grouped together, they looked like a bright festive party!

Peaches Party     Peaches Party edge small

They are definitely more contemporary than traditional food still lifes…

Pineapple Party small     Pineapple Party edge small

painted in acrylic with the addition of texturing compound on the fruits…

Pomegranate Party small     Pomegranate Party edge small

and a little embedded painted paper in the background.

Raspberries Party small     Raspberries Party edge small

Here they are sitting all together on the floor, ready to go –

fruit group on floor small

 having a party!