Painting by Susan Krieg titled Listen When History Speaks
‘Listen When History Speaks’ – Acrylic Painting on Canvas 30″ x 24″ – Susan Krieg Artist

This is one of those painting, for me, that falls together moment by moment without any planning and at the end of my relationship with it, it stands alone with a specific statement of emotion. I had a stretcher bar 30″ x 24″, I had green paint that needed to be used. The model was a skinny older man and as he took various poses, they arranged themselves into a conversational circle on the canvas. Each pose was maybe 20 minutes long. I captured as much as I could. He held a staff in the final pose. What did it mean. It seemed biblical. Maybe the stance a warrior might take, or  the feeling of sorrow after a battle. Yes, I feel what he’s feeling when I look at the world news, the local news, the political news and the ignorant statements of politicians. Get it right for once!