painting by Susan Krieg titeled Welcome to Valhalla
‘Welcome to Valhalla’ – 24″ x 30″ acrylic and collage painting on canvas – Susan Krieg Artist

I considered naming this piece ‘After the Ride’. But first a quick definition of Valhalla and the Flight of the Valkyries: In Norse mythology, god Odin would send the female Valkyries down to the battlefields of earth to choose half the fallen soldiers to bring back to Valhalla where they enjoyed a heroic afterlife. The spirits of the chosen were held in constant warrior training to prepare for the battle that would end the world.

In my version the strong icons of female force, the Valkyries, having completed their task for Odin would be miserable for their participation in the fate of the chosen warriors, but also in despair knowing that the final battle would not be won.

The background of this painting was created using sheet music from one of my favorite operas, specifically the beginning of act 3 of Die Walküre by Richard Wagner. There is also reference to angelic cupids. I incorporated a variety of materials including painted aluminum foil, tissue and variegated leaf. The figure is painted in acrylic during a 30 minute pose of a model.