No Trespassing by Susan Krieg 18″ x 30″

It started out as a landscape but became more of an abstract statement of my frustration with not being able to walk directly to the park as well as my frustration with covid.

The fun part about being an artist is that sometimes you start in one place and the painting takes on its own life and can drag one kicking and screaming to a whole different place. 

No Trespassing was painted in my studio from a photo I had taken on one of my walks with Katja along a canal near our house. The canal is concrete and weeds are beginning to grow through the cracks in the concrete. I’m impressed with Mother Nature’s ability to thumb her nose at us industrious humans and little by little uproot our work and turn it back to nature.

It was turning into a sweet decorative painting that just didn’t match my mood. Along the canal are industrial buildings that take up some of the best property next to the mountains and front range here in Colorado Springs. Large portions of land are marked private property and no trespassing, making it impossible to walk to the hillsides.

 Between my liberty being taken away and with covid 19 looming, killing millions of people worldwide and keeping me from making friends in my new town or even just going out to eat, I was mad  and the decorative painting of weeds in a canal turned into a body count with spirits leaving the planet.  The painting is mixed media (acrylic, oil and collage) on stretched canvas 18” x 30”. The image is painted around the edges and does not require framing.